Brilliant Bird Watching Holidays in the Camargue

Are you looking for a short bird watching break somewhere in Europe? Perhaps you should consider visiting the wonderful destination of Camargue, Vintage Omega in the south of France, on a specialist bird watching holidays. One of Europe’s most famous wetlands, the Camargue is the perfect place for an avid nature lover. You can explore the wonderful limestone hills of Les Alpilles and the dry rugged ridges of La Crau, as well as the saline habitats, reed beds and shallow wetlands of the wild Camargue itself. YTMP3

The Flamingoes of The Camargue

Of the 340 bird species that live in this diverse wilderness in the south of France, the Greater Flamingo is perhaps the most attractive to visitors that come here on bird watching holidays. Since the 1970s, this region of France has been home to the largest colony of Greater Flamingos in the western Mediterranean. Experts and wildlife lovers are involved in a conservation project in the area, Youtube to MP3 set up to protect these stunning birds and preserve their habitat. Teams of naturalists work in the Camargue offering advice on how best to observe the birds in their breeding colony while they perform their love dances. In an effort to reduce disturbance to the birds, free access is not permitted. hogar

What Else to See?

There are over 500 species of birds in France and almost three quarters of them have been spotted in the Camargue region, buy magic mushrooms online with 115 of these noted as regular breeders. It is the only area that provides a home to the nine species of heron residing in Europe. These include the Great Bittern, Purple Heron and Squacco Heron. Other birds you are likely to see here on bird watching holidays include pratincoles, Little Ternes, Common Stilts, Pied Avocets, and the Glossy Ibis.

During the breeding season, the area is very well known for its huge diversity of species, but in the cooler months the area is characterised by the sheer quantity of birds. In fact, there are about 140,000 birds in the Camargue in the middle of winter. Duck species, in particular, thrive here and in the cooler months of the year you should look out for Common Teal, Mallard, food for diabetic patient Eurasian Wigeon, Northern Shoveler and Northern Gannet.

When considering one of the bird watching holidays in the Camargue you should book with a recommended company that provides small group tours led by an expert naturalist. You’ll then have the benefit of a personal service and someone on hand to help you get the best sightings and answer any questions you might have along the way.  passive income side hustles


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