News Media Trends for 2012

Well, they say election years are great years for the news media, resource and since 2012 is an election year, and there looks to be a heated race between the GOP and President Obama’s reelection committee, you can be sure that lots of dollars will be flowing into the news media. Indeed it couldn’t come at a better time, or at a more crucial time as media outlets have been laying off, and watching their viewership and readership dwindle.

As you probably know most of the reason for this has to do with online social networks and the amount of time people are spending online. Some of the top media outlet companies are now putting their news online and making available for mobile users with smart phones, lioridiamonds iPads, and tablets to be viewed. Luckily, they are also harnessing their advertisers and taking them on the road as well, this gives a reprieve to a severely downtrodden news media industry.

One interesting new trend that luxuri I am watching this year is the concept of news articles being put into collections that can be downloaded by subscribers for viewing on their e-reader personal tech devices. In other words the New York Times for instance might take all the articles on Afghanistan and put them together in a collection or e-book and sell them for a $1.99 let’s say, and you will have essentially an e-book which is nothing more than all the articles on that particular topic. Since the content has already been created previously, himote-kaizen it’s an excellent new income stream.

Another interesting new trend that I find fascinating is the outsourcing of new staff to places like India. Someone in the newsroom here the United States will collect all the e-mail addresses, news123 and phone numbers for various news article sources, and then have someone in India contact these individuals collecting digital pictures as well, and doing all the work in India over the Internet and sending it back to the news outlet for publication or uploading on their websites. I find that completely fascinating, and we will see that trend continue as local news companies do this, and as larger news companies are also forced to do it to save costs and compete. port32fortlauderdale

In 2012 we will see more and more stories that have been created from compiling facts in online news. We will also see the use of Social Media data extraction determining which stories to run, allowing newsrooms and editors to determine the placement of stories based on surveying the interests of the public online. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and consider how the media will change in 2012, because changes are afoot.

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